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Eternal Pencil Generation 3 Set - Special Edition - Aussie Christmas

Eternal Pencil Generation 3 Set - Special Edition - Aussie Christmas

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A new generation of Eternal Pencil is here! With a retractable tip, that can be sharpened, this eternal pencil is our most functional ever! Created using the latest technology with a 99 step grinding process & die casting. 1 eternal pencil replaces 1000 wood pencils, so it’s ready to write whenever you are!

Write more than 10 million words with a single pencil!

A special edition set with vibrant illustrations to celebrate Christmas in our beautiful country. Included special edition calendar and puzzle

The puzzle, made of eco-friendly cardboard, is simple and lightweight, and can hold the calendar and a smart phone perfectly! Pop out the middle piece of the puzzle and use it as a festive Christmas sticker!

Set includes
- Eternal Pencil
- Sharpener
- Rubber
- 2023 calendar

- Note-taking
- Sketching

- Highly durable
- Long lasting

Brass and Graphene

Notebook: 130mm long x 180mm high
Pen: 145mm long x 10 mm dia
Rubber: 40mm high x 25mm long x 10mm wide
Sharpener: 17mm long x 72mm high x 7mm wide

Packing Size
105mm long × 170mm high × 35mm wide


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