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Aged Copper 2pc Knife Set

Aged Copper 2pc Knife Set

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Discover the charm of our Aged Copper 2pc Knife Set – a delightful addition to any table, urging you to indulge in more cheese (because, really, who can resist?). Crafted with care using age-old blacksmith techniques, each knife is a testament to tradition and individuality. From the fiery furnace to the rhythmic hammering on the anvil, our artisans imbue every piece with character and allure. Presented in an elegant gift box, they're ready to elevate your dining experience. Experience the perfect blend of craftsmanship and playfulness with the CLINQ Aged Copper 2pc Knife Set – because every meal deserves a touch of whimsy.

1. Crafted with traditional blacksmith techniques for authenticity.
2. Each knife is uniquely handcrafted, embodying tradition.
3. Presented in an elegant gift box, ready for gifting.
4. Adds whimsy to dining, encouraging indulgence.
5. Perfect blend of craftsmanship and playfulness.

Weight: 0.44kg
Dimensions: 270mm x 110mm x 50mm
Care: hand washing recommended

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