Navy Bamboo DIY Bag

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This bamboo bag has a classic charm with a modern twist. It can be filled with a wide variety of treats to make the perfect gift. Use it throughout your day from your home to the beach. You can do your own DIY by selecting different gift elements from our range. 

Made from soft fibers but strong, these bags are becoming a popular choice.

  1. Bamboo bags are eco-friendly, light-weight and reusable.
  2. Bamboo bags are composed of 100% natural bamboo.
  3. Bamboo is a very versatile substance and therefore bamboo bags are great because they are both biodegradable and renewable.
  4. Bamboo bags are finely crafted that provide an unique and attractive look.
  5. Bamboo strips are woven together and its blue & white design appears to be perfect.

Sizes :
- 150mm x 300mm x 200mm
- 180mm x 350mm x 260mm
- 180mm x 300mm x 450mm

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