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Cosy Eco-Felt Coasters (Set of 4)

Cosy Eco-Felt Coasters (Set of 4)

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Protect your table or desktop with these fine felt coasters. With a contemporary look and an eco-friendly agenda, these little gems are made from import premium felt laced with superfine fibers, creating a soft but super absorbent barrier perfect for hot or cold drinks. A must for all work and home environments, these stylish coasters look fantastic and protect your surfaces – what more could you want?

- Premium felt material for high-quality coasters
- Contemporary design for a stylish look
- Eco-friendly agenda with the use of import premium felt and superfine fibers
- Soft and super absorbent barrier to protect against hot or cold drinks
- Suitable for both work and home environments
- Provides protection for your table or desktop surfaces
- Versatile and functional for all types of beverages
- Adds an attractive touch to your decor while serving a practical purpose

Import premium felt and premium PU leather

Approx. 90mm (dia)

Stitch sewing (Stitching can be different colour)

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