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Eternal Pencil & Rubber - Kids Australian Animals Collection

Eternal Pencil & Rubber - Kids Australian Animals Collection

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This fun & practical eternal pencil & rubber duo is great for kids! With a pencil that never needs sharpening, it will keep them busy drawing for longer!

An innovative ink-less graphene tip mimics a normal pencil, but never, ever runs out!

- Fun and practical eternal pencil and rubber duo designed specifically for kids
- Pencil never needs sharpening, allowing for continuous drawing and creativity
- Durable graphite tip made of innovative ink-less graphene material
- Mimics the experience of a traditional pencil but never runs out of graphite
- Perfect for extended drawing sessions and reducing the need for constant pencil replacements.

We aim to reduce the production of pencils and ease the strain on our environment, so we can create less waste and keep more trees. We believe caring for natural resources begins with changing our thinking. Choose Eternal Pens instead of regular pencils as a step forward in protecting the earth.

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