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Red Bamboo DIY Bag

Red Bamboo DIY Bag

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This bamboo bag has a classic charm with a modern twist. It can be filled with a wide variety of treats to make the perfect gift. Use it throughout your day from your home to the beach. You can do your own DIY by selecting different gift elements from our range. 

- Classic and charming bamboo bag with a modern twist
- Versatile for filling with a wide variety of treats, creating the perfect gift
- Ideal for use throughout the day, from home to the beach and beyond
- DIY customization by selecting different gift elements from our range
- Combines style, functionality, and personalization for a memorable gift-giving experience
- Elevate your everyday activities with this stylish and versatile bamboo bag.

Small - 300mm x 150mm x 205mm 
Medium - 360mm x 185mm x 250mm
Large - 450mm x 180mm x 305mm 

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